A word from our Chairman

Dear Friends, Dear Clients, Our busiest year on record

As Chairman of Permai Industries, I am immensely proud of our journey and the pivotal role we’ve carved out in Malaysia’s FMCG sector. Over the past years, Permai Industries, comprising VB Soap, VS Manufacturing, Healthcare FMCG, and TVI, has emerged as a national leader, offering a compelling alternative rooted in independent trade values. By integrating our strengths in logistics and technical expertise, we prioritize enhancing capabilities to ultimately benefit consumers.

Permai Industries’s DNA is characterized by solidarity among our members, enabling us to effectively navigate challenges posed by manufacturer networks and financial institutions. Our comprehensive services not only ensure the sustainability of our members but also bolster their credibility, facilitating growth within their respective markets.

Looking ahead, our objective is clear: to proactively tackle future industry challenges, ensuring Permai Industries retains its position as a steadfast player. This commitment is upheld by the unwavering dedication of our associates, partners, and collaborators, who continuously adapt to the dynamic market landscape.

Together, we are poised to embrace the future with optimism and determination, maintaining our responsiveness and relevance in an ever-evolving industry.

About our Chairman, Dato' Halim Tuah

Meet Dato’ Halim Tuah, a distinguished Malaysian politician and entrepreneur whose career spans impactful roles in government, business, and academia. With over 30 years of experience, Dato’ Halim Tuah has been a pivotal figure in Malaysian politics, notably serving as an aide to a Deputy Minister and Vice Chairman of BN Youth’s Orators Unit. His leadership extends to numerous corporate boards where he has held MD/CEO positions and provided strategic guidance as Chairman and Advisor.

Dato’ Halim Tuah’s academic pursuits are equally impressive, currently pursuing a PhD in Information Warfare and Media Psychology Studies. His academic journey complements his extensive governmental service, which includes roles at the Prime Minister’s Department and the Ministry of Finance, focusing on the intersection of public sentiment and effective communication strategies.


Educated with a Master’s degree in Management from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Dato’ Halim Tuah is recognized for his expertise in Management Economics, Organizational Psychology, and Corporate Administration. His research interests underscore his commitment to shaping public attitudes and awareness of government policies through various media channels.

Beyond his political and academic achievements, Dato’ Halim Tuah advocates for Islamic Commonwealth and reforms within Malaysia’s Political Complex. He extends his influence as an Honorary Advisor to diverse institutions, including the Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA), Registered Building Draughtsmen Association Malaysia (RBDAM), and Persatuan Kesepakatan dan Perpaduan Anak-Anak Selangor (SEPAKAT SELANGOR).

Dato’ Halim Tuah’s multifaceted career exemplifies leadership, innovation, and a profound dedication to advancing Malaysia’s socio-political landscape.